Repurposed Belts Clothing Hanger


Recycled Belt, Scarf, Tie Rack or Holder. Repurposed Belts Clothing Hanger. Bedroom, Home Decor.



Recycled Belt Buckles, Reclaimed Wood, Stain, Varnish, Reused Belts
For all they have done for you, Don’t Mom and Dad deserve more than just another scarf or tie.
How about this unique clothing rack for hanging last years gift.

We repurposed belts into a nifty Scarf, Belt and or Tie Rack.
The belt heads easily hold your belts while the 10 hooks cascading down the belts hold your scarves and ties.

The board is a reclaimed board that has been stained and varnished.
Two recycled old belt buckles securly hang the rack from the wall.

Measures approx. 29-1/2″ High x 16-1/2″ Across x 2-1/2″ Deep